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DSC continues to provide independent research expertise and experience in the voluntary sector to bear on a segment of the charity world which remains little explored or understood. 

DSC undertook this research in 2014, in part because we believe it is imperative to map support for veterans in detail, so that potential sources of the right support are easily identifiable. Public support, in particular for high-profile military charities, is currently quite high. But it is highly volatile and subject to public and media perceptions and the political landscape. The timing of this project is therefore crucial, both in terms of the impact of changes on veterans and their families who will continue to need support and possibly new services and the potential for an accompanying decline in donations.

Directory of Social Change (DSC) is an independent charity with a vision of an independent voluntary sector at the heart of social change. 

We believe that society can be changed for the better when citizens take responsibility for themselves, their communities and each other. The activities of independent charities, voluntary organisations and community groups are fundamental to achieve social change.

Our independent status and well respected research means we can challenge and create debate around government policy, trust funding, and other issues which threaten the independence of smaller charities.
We are in touch with over 20,000 charities annually through our conferences and training on fundraising, management, organisational and personal development, communication, finance and law. We also publish a wide variety of resources for charities, including our well known UK fundraising guides, directories and websites. We were started in 1974 and our 45 staff are based in London and Liverpool.

Find out more about how we can help you visit www.dsc.org.uk

The research, incorporating this website and downloadable reports is funded by the charity Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT). To find out more about FiMT visit  www.fim-trust.org

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