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Clyde Division RNR - Capt Maurice Clark's Trust

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Charity Registration Number: SC000215
Summary of Activities: They shall hold in their names as Trustees and shall pay the income thereof at such dates as they may decide for the welfare of any Officers and men who were members of the Clyde Division of the Royal Naval Volunteer reserve or on their Staff at the outbreak of war on Third September Nineteen hundred and thirty Nine, and, in addition, for the welfare of the widows and children of any such Officers or men who may have predeceased men or died before the signing of the forma; Declaration of Peace on the termination of the present war, whichever of the two may happen last, the said John Findlay Carson and others to have the widest discretions as to method of disbursement and applying the income of the said fund in implementing this bequest.
Who the Charity Benefits: Other Organisations, Ex-Service Personnel, Dependants of Ex-Service Personnel
Armed Forces covered: Naval Charities
Type of Charity: Welfare
Contact: HMS Dalriada
Address 1: 37-51 Birkmyre Road
Address 2: Govan
Address 5: Glasgow
Postcode: G51 3JH
Financial Year End: 31/01/2016
Income: £2,069
Expenditure: £3,139
Charity Registration Date: 16/12/1943

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