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Charity Registration Number: 1049041
Summary of Activities: The relief of physically and mentally disabled Ex-Service Personnel, by the provision of nautical recreational facilities 
Who the Charity Benefits: Ex-Service Personnel, Wounded Injured and Disabled Only
Welfare Activities: Provides respite breaks - sports and or recreational activities
Armed Forces covered: Tri-Services Charities, Army Charities, Naval Charities, Air Force Charities
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact: Captain Chris Williams OBE
Address 1: Wingham House
Address 2: Winchester Road
Address 3: Bishops Waltham
Address 4: Southampton
Postcode: S)32 1BZ
Phone: 01489 892182
Membership: Cobseo Member
Financial Year End: 31/12/2015
Income: £25,896
Voluntary Income: £8,682
Expenditure: £24,096
Charitable Expenditure: £23,331
Assets: £17,933
Charity Registration Date: 07/09/1995

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