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Charity Registration Number: 1160041
Summary of Activities: The objects of the charity for the public benefit are: (a) to promote the efficiency of the armed forces of the crown, and in particular the regiment, through such means as the trustee directors think fit, including but not exclusively through: (i) the support and provision of educational opportunities for serving and retired service personnel; (ii) the provision of practical and emotional support to retired and retiring service personnel to aid their transition into civilian life; (iii) the provision and support of mess and sporting facilities and activities so as to enhance the performance and morale of serving service personnel; and (iv) the provision or support of a museum and the regiments historic archive relating to the work of the armed forces, in particular the regiment, so as to enhance the reputation and support for service personnel in the wider community; (b) to advance the health and save the lives of serving and retired service personnel and their dependants, in particular those who are serving or have served in the regiment, through such means as the trustee directors think fit, including but not exclusively through: (i) the provision of services, support and advice to aid service personnel who have been injured, wounded or disabled; and (ii) the provision of practical and emotional support to the dependants of current and retired service personnel in cases of the injury, wounding, disability (in all cases whether physical or mental) or death of current or retired service personnel; (c) the relief of need, amongst serving and retired service personnel, particularly those who have served within the regiment, and their dependants, where that need has arisen by reason of their age, ill-health, disability or financial hardship, by such means as the trustee directors think fit; (d) to advance such charitable purposes consistent with the objects at (a), (b) and (c) above as the trustee directors in their absolute discretion from time to time think fit.  "regiment" means 22nd special air service regiment.
Who the Charity Benefits: Other Organisations, Serving Personnel, Dependants of Serving Personnel, Ex-Service Personnel, Dependants of Ex-Service Personnel
Armed Forces covered: Army Charities
Contact: The Clocktower Foundation
Address 1: No 1 St Martins-Le-Grand
Address 2: London
Postcode: EC1A 4NP
Phone: 07768 508279
Financial Year End: 31/12/2016
Income: £5,864,652
Voluntary Income: £5,804,253
Expenditure: £3,509,997
Charitable Expenditure: £3,487,686
Grants Total: £3,382,197
Assets: £4,965,012
Charity Registration Date: 20/01/2015

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