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Royal Welsh Fusiliers Officers' Association

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Charity Registration Number: 1159979
Summary of Activities: The objects of the charity are to promote the efficiency of the armed forces and any exclusively charitable purposes in connection with the armed forces, and in particular to: foster esprit de corps amongst officers serving with the 1st battalion, the royal welsh, officers formerly serving in the royal welch fusiliers and now serving elsewhere and retired officers of the royal welch fusiliers; educate the public in the history, traditions and roles of the royal welch fusiliers; provide relief to officers formerly commissioned in the royal welch fusiliers and their respective widows or dependants who are in need by virtue of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage (whether or not the officer concerned was a member of the association); further such charitable purposes as the trustees may determine from time to time.
Who the Charity Benefits: Serving Personnel, Dependants of Deceased Serving Personnel, Ex-Service Personnel, Dependants of Ex-Service Personnel
Armed Forces covered: Army Charities
Contact: Colonel Knox
Address 1: RHQ Royal Welsh
Address 2: Hightown Barracks
Address 3: Wrexham
Postcode: LL13 8RD
Phone: 01978 316189
Financial Year End: 31/03/2016
Income: £8,935
Expenditure: £10,250
Charity Registration Date: 16/01/2015

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