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Charity Registration Number: SC016816
Summary of Activities: The company's objects are: 1) To relieve those who are in need, of all ages, by reason of disability, long term health condition, poverty or other disadvantage through providing support with the aim of assisting such individuals to lead fulfilled lives over which they have control; 2) To advance health including the prevention or relief of ill health, disabilities and/or long term conditions; 3) To advance education, training and research in the development of individual capacities , skills and understanding as these relate to living with or providing care and support for people with disabilities or health conditions; 4) To provide recreational facilities and organise recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life of individuals who are in need by reason of disability, long term health condition, poverty or other disadvantage; 5) To advance citizenship and community development with a view to:- 5.1) individuals who are disabled or who have a long term health condition playing a full part in civic life and making a contribution to society; 5.2) communities developing capacity to foster, and benefit from, the contribution of people with disabilities or long term health conditions; 6) To promote equality and diversity; 7) To promote, establish, operate and/or support other similar schemes and projects which further charitable purposes.
Who the Charity Benefits: Other Organisations, Ex-Service Personnel
Welfare Activities: Provides healthcare and rehabilitation
Armed Forces covered: Tri-Services Charities, Army Charities, Naval Charities, Air Force Charities
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact: Thistle Foundation
Address 1: 13 Queens Walk
Address 2: Edinburgh
Postcode: EH16 4EA
Phone: 0131 611 3366
Membership: Veterans Scotland Member
Financial Year End: 31/03/2016
Income: £4,553,655
Voluntary Income: £168,897
Expenditure: £5,048,046
Charitable Expenditure: £4,751,933
Assets: £9,107,631
Charity Registration Date: 16/11/1976

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