The Reseach Team

Stuart Cole - Research Manager

Stuart is Research Manager for DSC’s Armed Forces Charities project. Since joining DSC in 2015, Stuart has provided research and consultancy on those charities which support the armed forces community.

Stuart has produced a number of reports including Focus On: Armed Forces Charities’ Mental Health Provision (2017); Sector Insight: Armed Forces Charities in Scotland (2016); and Cobseo’s Members’ Survey (2015).

Before joining DSC in 2015, Stuart held an academic post in public health research, working on as a systematic review in partnership with the World Health Organization, and on a project exploring alcohol consumption, funded by Alcohol Research UK. He was also an Analyst on a project in partnership with the NHS, examining A&E data relating to trauma, injury and alcohol related harm.

Stuart holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Sociology, an MSc in Applied Psychology, and a PGCE in Psychology. He is a qualified teacher and worked for five years as a Psychology Lecturer at a number of FE colleges and schools before moving into applied research.

Rhiannon Doherty - Senior Researcher

Rhiannon joined DSC in February 2017 and is currently working on DSC’s Armed Forces Charities research project.

Rhiannon was lead author on the reports: Focus On: Armed Forces Charities’ Education and Training Provision (2017);  Focus On: Armed Forces Charities’ Physical Health Provision (2018) and Focus On: Armed Forces Charities' Housing Provision (2018).  She has presented DSC’s research at various conferences and events and produces the communications and social media strategy for the project.  

Rhiannon completed a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Communications and an MA in Politics and Mass Media at The University of Liverpool. Prior to joining DSC, she volunteered for range of charities, including NDCS and Oxfam.

Anthony Robson - Researcher

Anthony joined DSC in January 2017 as a Researcher on DSC’s Armed Forces Charities project, where he has contributed to three Focus On reports and DSC’s armed forces charities website.

Anthony graduated with a BA (Hons) in Modern History from Liverpool John Moores University, where he researched the newspaper industry’s interpretation of the 1981 Toxteth Riots. Anthony also holds an MRes in English Literature and Cultural History, in which he focused on the ‘Scouse’ character and how this has changed and been viewed on television through the years.

During his time at university Anthony volunteered as a Teaching Assistant in history, to support younger students in a subject that he is very passionate about.