Since 2014 DSC’s Armed Forces Charities Project has led the way in researching those charities which serve the armed forces community.
Our research is presented in this website as a series reports including DSC’s respected Sector Insight reports and DSC’s new Focus On series of reports.

DSC’s armed forces research also includes a searchable database of armed forces charities, which is free to access and provides information the UK’s registered armed forces charities. 

“It is our hope and intention that this research has a positive impact on the understanding of armed forces charities and their work, so that policymakers, and those charities providing support, can create a better environment for serving the armed forces community.”

Debra Allcock Tyler, Chief Executive, Directory of Social Change

“The success of our funding the Directory of Social Change to produce the Sector Insight and associated website arguably marked the arrival of Forces in Mind Trust as a social change organisation, whose generation of credible and independent evidence, exploited to achieve maximum effect, would lead to better informed decision-makers making better decisions.”

Ray Lock, Chief Executive, The Forces in Mind Trust