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In this report, DSC explores provision for the criminal justice needs of the armed forces community. The report highlights the range of services provided by armed forces charities to beneficiaries who have come into contact with the criminal justice system. 


Download the report and the supporting materials via the links below.

Only two percent  of Armed Forces Charities support veterans in the criminal justice system

New research published today  by the Directory of Social Change (DSC) and funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), shows that just two percent of UK Armed Forces charities deliver support for veterans who have come into contact with the Criminal Justice System.

The report titled Focus On: Armed Forces Charities in the Criminal Justice System, funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) shows that just 31 of the UK’s 1,888 Armed Forces charities provide criminal justice related support to 3,200 veterans each year.

The findings reveal that small cohorts of Armed Forces charities specialise in support at different stages of the Criminal Justice System. For example, for veterans in police custody, during their time in prison, following release and support for families of those in the criminal justice system. 

Air Vice-Marshal Ray Lock CBE, Chief Executive, FiMT:

‘For anyone claiming to hold dear the interests of the Armed Forces community, be they politician, official, media or charity, the DSC’s Focus On series is a must read.  This particular report provides the evidence base and hence understanding of the Criminal Justice System, upon which all good policy decisions should be made.’

  Chloe Mackay, Co-Chair, Cobseo Criminal Justice System Cluster:

Having the support of a charity that knows what they have been through and takes an interest in them can give veterans the strength they need to turn their lives around. I welcome this report, which provides insight into the delivery of support to veterans in the Criminal Justice System.

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